Andy's Mission Scripture

Andy's Mission Scripture:

"I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory, that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy."

~Alma 29:9

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving in Brazil

Oxente! Ola! Como vai? Eu estou aqui de novo escrevendo para vocês! Incrível!

First things first, Im sorry to hear that you guys werent able to have memorable
Thanksgiving, well memorable in a good way, thats the worst thing ever to be sick
during the time when lots of things should be going into the body instead of the other way
around...i remember one thankgiving long ago when i was in Moab, Utah with the fam and
i got extremely sick right before the big dinner! I went straight to the bathroom, spent a good half an hour pouring out my insides and then i felt as good as new and went and replenished what i had lost...I hope you guys feel better soon, thats a real drag. On the brightside I had a special thanksgiving with the our Bishop Israel which is his first name, how cool is that, and with a couple of the members we like the most haha, we would have invited everbody if we could but you know as a missinary we only have so much, anyways it turned out really sweet. That day i was missing my family tons thinking of the awesome
thanksgiving memories we have had with the Mayberry´s but that night i felt like i was eating with another family. It was quite something as we put together a little slideshow we put up with a projector and we went around the table as tradition expressing what we were grateful for. Im grateful for many things but i shared that i was thankful for a hot shower...haha also for the Gospel in my life that brings me so much comfort and strength to be the best person i can be also for the incredible power it has to overcome any challege and heal any burdened heart and relieve any sort of sorrow. I would be a completely different person if i never was converted to the Gospel as i am now. Also thank you so much for the package! I received one that has a book, im assuming my origami book :) and a bunch of sweets! Thank you so much! Im preparing a little something something to send to you guys for Christmas! I hope it will get there alright. Anyways also we had a special conference with Presidente Hall( who my companion and i yes we both write to him every week) and surprised guests the presidente of the CTM of São Paulo! I didnt have he pleasure of passing through the CTM there but im so happy i met him. He and his Wife Presidente Clark and Sister Clark bore super strong testimonies. I was very uplifted. I cant believe its going to be December this week! Time is flying by! Have you guys put up the tree yet? Its going to be a tough Christmas without you guys but as Sister Hall said i only have two Christmas´s as a servant of the Lord! Im really excited for the christmas conference we are gong to have the 13th! Well, I hope you guys get better real soon...Real quick, is Grandma still working at temple square and if she is where at? Could you guys send me Tyler Blacks Address along with MaryJoy and Darrins and the Saxtons and Dean and Caseys and Brian and Jeannie that would be awesome! Well until next wed! because of transfers! awww! I think i might be called Senior!!!! Some of the missionaries if my group have already been called! so i think im next! aww! Hope you guys have an excellent week!
  Abraço, Elder M. Howell

Monday, November 14, 2011

Speedy note...lots of new pics!

WOW! Time flies by way to fast! Especially when Im in a lanhouse attempting to write to you guys...
I swear the fastest hour in my life! Anyways im very very sorry this is going to be the shortest by far so far
but i just want to mention a couple of things...the gratitude i feel to the people who have touched me in my life, who give me so much inspiration to improve myself in everywhere and for the love they express to me even with all the flaws that make me who I am...Thank you Dana and Madison for sending me all the pics and quotes of President Hinkley, made my day! I have started to read ``Our search for Happiness`` and by golly it is a great book! I recommend it to everybody, especially non members...Anyways i hope you guys get a sense of what happened this past week better with my letter to the Prez...I hope the translation isnt too funky...I love you all very much, I cant tell ya, Have a great week! Enjoy the pics!  Love, Elder M. Howell

Monday, November 7, 2011

New pics...

Opa! Como que estão as coisas là?

Gosh, its hard to believe that it is already time weird or what. This past week had its ups and downs, pretty much like every other week. Let me start out with the good news. So Elder Iglesia and I have found out that we seriously need to clean our house out better becuase we have been waking up with cockroaches squirming around! We have no idea really where they are coming from becuase we did clean out the mess we made from carving watermelons for Halloween and have been throwing out the trash daily and a couple have still appeared. I think we actually did discover their hideout. In our drains and in some little cracks by our doors and in our bathrooms! Eek! We plugged up our drains and I blocked up the cracks with plastic bags and lately we havent had any... So thats some good news!

Anyways besides the roaches before when i was with Elder O. Moura we were working with these two guys named Sueliton and Junior who are two young guys going to college and working who are room mates and we met them at a church party they helped throw for us. They were the Dj´s for the music. It was the party of the regions of Brasil! which had those awesome Lampiâo dancers. Anyways they became really interested in our church so we went over to their apartment to explain more about our church. Long story short we lost contanct with them for some time as we stopped by their apartment many afternoons and they were never there...but recently we got in touch with them again. They work schedule was switched around so the time we were going over there was the time they were working. Well all is good now but now im with a new companion and that was a lil shock to them. They were like ``where is Elder O. Moura!?`` Anyways Sueliton is a strong baptist and as strong belief in his church and doesnt seem as interested as Junior who really shows his interest in asking a lot of questions.

Well so this past week we were planning on throwing an event for the members this past thursday which turned out pretty well to excite the members more about missionary work. It turned out awesome, especially thanks to our DJ buddy Junior who showed up with a smoke machine to add to our little message. We did a treasure hunt that with each clue had steps in our life and at the end the members arrived in a dark room filled with smoke and a prjector showing cool images of space. Before the treasure hunt some specially selectected people were given lolipops which they could either share our keep to themselves. In the final room of mystery...we had one side of the room with chairs in front of the glorious images of space and on the other side was just empty space and darkness....Those who recieved a lollipop got to sit down on the glorious side...those who didnt well...the other side. You starting to see the message...the lolipops were the gospel which needs to be shared to others in order for the others to recieve the truth and happiness it brings...It was really quite somthing...The members really enjoyed it...

Anyways the bad news is that Antonio is drinking and smoking and his family didnt go to church this week...We are going to do a special visit with them as Fatima is really concerned about him...I know that through the simple and essencial steps of the Gospel of Jesus Christ the will and power to stop drinking and smoking will be granted to senhor Antonio...but he needs to humble himself and show the desire to change...We met this one senhora who was really bothering us telling us that our work is not how Jesus Christ would want us to live...sacrificing two years or our lives away from our families...she said that this sacrifice is not of God...We kind of burned her as we used this scripture...Mateus 11:36-39... She became quiet after we read that...I hope we didnt offend her but she was kind of being rude...Anyways I hope you all have a splendid week! I love you all very much. You guys are always in my prayers... Love Elder M. Howell

Elder Iglesia and me!
We are in a sidewalk near a beach here in Manaíra in João Pessoa! It's beautiful too!!!