Andy's Mission Scripture

Andy's Mission Scripture:

"I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory, that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy."

~Alma 29:9

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hey everybody! Hello from João Pessoa!

Its nice to write to you guys so soon again since friday becuase I have lots to write about this area and my luck and tragedy on the trip here. So my P-day has not changed by the way, just as with transfers and all things get a little mixed up. So mondays are my P-days still, as you can see.
So I have arrived here, in the heart of the Mission, the zone of the Mission where the Presidente Hall himself lives! So the day before I left for Joao Pessoa was a little hectic. I learned that I was going to be transefered a day earlier than usual becuase my companion Elder Kitchen received a call from the assistants of the Presidente saying he was called to train a new Missionary! He was only called Senior for the one transfer I was with him! Was his first time being senior companion! So already being called as a trainer was a huge surprise to him. So him being called trainer meant that I was going to be transfered to a new area becuase he was going to train this greenie there in Mossoró. So that evening when we found out Elder Kitchen had to leave that Monday night to Joao Pessoa to recieve some training...So we had to travel to another city (that is part of the zone Mossoró somehow) called Açu which is more or less an hour drive from Mossoró. We had to meet with some other Missionaries down there for Elder Kitchen to travel with another Missionary (Elder Karston-Brasileiro) who was also called as a treinador and for me to stay with Elder Kartson´s comp. Elder Daçio. So we got a ride from a member of a ward to Açu and arrived there late monday night. Elder Kitchen and Karston walked themselves over to the bus station and had to take the midnight ride to Joao Pessoa! So I spent the night with Elder Daçio who is from Manaus by the way and he is way cool and chubby.
So we were not going to find out exactly where we were going to be transfered until that tuesday night. So we werent going to travel until Wed. So apparently i was supposed to bring all my bags to Açu for the transfer but Elder Kitchen told me otherwise. He was wrong. So Elder Daçio and I had to travel back to Mossoró for my bags! So I packed my things real quick that tuesday morning when we arrived back there and spent my last morning in Mossoró...We took a taxi back to Açu to pass the day there and for Elder Daçio to say goodbye to his friends. Sadly I really didnt get the chance to say goodbye to everybody with all the rush! I had the chance to eat lunch with Gilvan and his family Jefferson the Sec. of our ward who is 18 years old and will serve a mission soon. I got his address and email so i will know where he will end up serving! Right after lunch we had to go, so i had thoughts i wasnt going to be able to say goodbye to my best friend Jefferson Fransisco there who i baptized and will serve the next year. Somehow when we were walking on the main road to fetch a cab Jefferson passed by on his motorcyle! Was a miracle. Said our goodbyes...Im really going to miss that kid. When we arrived back in Açu that evening when passed by a lot of members house and some recent converts. That area and ward seems really nice. We spent that nigt really with a recent convert named Renato who is the bees knees. His conversion story is way cool. He said he had a dream three years before he met the missionaries about him sitting in a church feeling so much peace and three years later he that dream flashed back to him when he finally arrived in the Chruch of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in that area. After that experience he was baptized a couple weeks later. Was a really awesome story and to be able to understand it all and converse with him was way cool.
Six months into the mission, 4 months in Brazil, the language in coming along, I can speak the language pretty fluently,but understanding is something else entirely. It really varies to me on the person with their accent. Also Im trying to better my accent as well as im not always understood as i still have an american accent, but hey i still have 1 year and six months to improve! hehe Now that i have a brazilian companion again i will be able to converse be corrected right and hear the way he talks to conform the way i talk. In my opinion things are way smoother with a brazilian companion honestly.
So when i arrived here i realized i had left a bag with tons of irreplaceable things in taxi we took in Açu!!! I almost died with shock and seriously almost cried becuase that bag had my photos and my journal full of 4 months of writing every single day of my experiences. Also it has my keys to my luggage! haha So my main mag full of my clothes was locked. Miracously the Bishop here knows a guy who is an expert at picking locks and we managed to open it. But he only managed to open the bag without opening the locks somehow, So i still need my keys to close it and reopen it. Luckily the next day i arrived here the zone leaders of this area recieved a call from Elder Karston back in Açu that they found my Bag!!! Milagre! Im super blessed! So i only suffered one day without clothes.
So this area is full of apartments and buses driving everyway, Way different. This area is a lot richer to be blunt. Im lucky to be in an area with a beautiful new church again and with a complete new set of sweet older members. In comparison this ward has no Young kids to Mossoró. Its a load calmer during the meetings. I dont miss the ruckus during sacrament but i do miss the excitement with the awesome kids back there. 
Well Im super excited to get to know some new people and to get know this new area!!! I have an awesome new comp who i have failed to talk about and i swear i will take pics of this area and fill you guys in more on him. Love you guys! Have a great week!
Love Elder M. Howell

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