Andy's Mission Scripture

Andy's Mission Scripture:

"I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory, that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy."

~Alma 29:9

Monday, October 31, 2011

New companion, new family to teach, news from Mossoro!

Opa! Feliz Dia das Bruxas! tehê ou seja ``happy halloween!``
wow! it seems like just yesterday i was writing to you guys in the ``rodovíara`` ou seja the central bus stop...but now im writing to you guys in seriously a ``lanhouse`` it is somebody´s house which they turned half of it into basically a computer lab...its pretty strange but i like it.
Im in Tambaú right now which is stunningly gorgeous as it has a huge beachfront and a breath taking view from a boardwalk of the sea and upper parts of the city. Now with the change in District Leaders we have to come over here to use the internet. I dont mind the change! The bus route passes by the beach road that just has a smell of the ocean, its so refreshing! Elder Iglesia served his first area here in Tambau and i told him how could he have worked here becuase i would diedof being turtured by the serenity of the beaches. On the way here i saw the the sundial hotel that i saw on google maps back in the ctm and its just so much cooler to see the areas in person of course but it just blows my mind how fast time is going by...The Presidente doesnt live to far from here so our little group here of six missionarios might go invite him for some Açai! haha
Elder Wright my buddy from Mossoró was transfered to here in Joao Pessoa! It is so great to see him and hear how the ward in Bom Jardim is doing. Leila got married and baptized! Jefferson is the leader of the work in the ward and is preparing for a mission still, so great! Im still working on getting the package of ties to them as its a little complicated to get this package to the zone leaders when they have a zone leader meeting of the entire mission. Dont worry primary children it will get there safe and sound asap and will bring lots of joy!
With the change of companions it is always a bitter sweet moment. Its always sweet to get to know a new person and to see why they are out here on a mission and to hear their stories about their family. Elder Iglesia is the last of his family of six to serve a mission. His mom served in Rio de Janeiro and his Dad would have served but he was converted a little to late when he was 28. His other two older brothers served im not recalling where but are already married. He has one older Sister who is serving at Temple Square, Salt lake City!!! I want you guys to tell Grandma and Grandpa if they ever run into a Sister Iglesia, Im serving with her brother! Everybody here asks Elder Iglesia if his uncle is Julio Iglesia which apparently is some famous singer that ive never heard about. Its getting old to me hearing everybody ask that to him, i cant imagine how many times hes been asked that, well i think thats better than being called chinese most of the time...not that i have anything against the chinese of course not but its just getting a little old...
Wow! so the biggest greatest news i have to tell is about this family we met! I dont know what it is with me and the name Antonio...I was with Elder O. Moura one night when we were going to visit a man named Rafael who we are still teaching as he is a man with quite the history( more on him later) but one night when rafael was conversing with his neighbor he introduced us to him whose name is Senhor Antonio and we ended up inviting him to church and straight up with hestitation he accepted our invitation. We agreed on meeting him and his family the next morning to acompany them to church.  we met his ``wife``FatIma nds two beautiful daughters Amanda 11 years old and Alexandra 7 years old and they are just the cutest family. They really enjoyed their visit and were welcomed with open arms by the members. They went to church two times in one day to watch a baptism of kid in our ward. It was really special. We have been visiting them quite a lot lately. They are not married unfortunalty, but long story short we invited them to be married in our church and they accepted!!! One night we asked Senhor Antonio what he thought about asking his ``wife`` in marriage. He was like well tonights conversation before bed will be a little different then usual. the way he said was hilarious...WEll i never imagined that i would help a family get married, its something else and we are super excited for them. We pray that all turns out well, Plz pray for them!
Well quick little random requests before i gotta go...A member really loves to make pancakes here in my ward and asked me if i could get a hold of some good maple syrup...maybe you guys could send me some? also if you guys could find an origami book that was in my room the last time i checked would be very apreciated and what is Madison´s foot size? haha well I love you guys you know it, I wish you all a great week! Love Elder M. Howell

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