Andy's Mission Scripture

Andy's Mission Scripture:

"I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory, that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy."

~Alma 29:9

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Transfer Day...Andy Staying in Joao Pessoa!

Ola! Tudo bem?!
Puxa! Today I have exactly 9 months out in my mission...7 months here in Brasil, this brillantly colored and varied regions of culture who are just as diverse and interesting as its people...I have 9 months away from home...Definitely the longest period of my lifetime away from the people I love and the things that I used to love to do, the things that I grew acustomed to, the norms in my life. I look back, and I cant believe how fast time has gone by, its just like the Ctm but even weirder as everyday here out in the real world is different. I cant believe it has been this long since i have really just conversed in English. Well with all this time that i look back on i think of all the things i havnt shared becuase they are too personal to me or rather too personal to the person that shared these experiences to me that I dont feel comfortable sharing them here. But i do have a lot of other experiences that I can share that I have failed to go into detail. SO prepare yourself. 
 So let me start with something random, I was bit by a lizard! Also I fed little monkeys, but I will start with the lizard real quick. So pretty much here on our jaunts to pesquisadores I always see atleast 10 lizards chilling or should i say baking on the side of the brick walls that surround houses for security our sprawling about on the ground. Elder O. Moura and I one day got one pined or cornered becuase i was always saying that i wanted to catch one of these little nastly crawlers, but they are super fast! The guys vary in size from little thumbed sized to basically as big as your forearm. We got one in between there cornered and Elder O. Moura using his bag for some reseon shouted out ``Pegue ele!`` so whiped my hand down on his tail and grabed him with the other hand and all of the sudden this guy whipped his head around and bit me on the hand HARD! gosh dang! this guy left teeth marks! Elder O. Moura laughing and I yelling like a little girl ``Serio Cara!`Você sabia que eles mordem!`` ANyways so far on the mission i have been bit by a dog and a lizard.
As it is transfer our hair was standing on ends waiting for the dreaded tranfer call on where we would serve next. It was Elder O. Moura time to go as he had 6 months in Castelo Branco, a lot of time. He grew real close to the members there and also became real close to some of the people he baptised. It was really hard for him to go. It was also really hard on me because i grew really close to him not only just a fellow servant of God but as a friend, as a brother of our Heavenly Father. We promised each other that we would send each other our Wedding invitations just to let each other know whats up and if it were in the ball park to attend! Elder O. Moura was truly like a brother to me as he always wanted to know what was up with me and how i was feeling during the day. He truly wanted for us to be able to say whatever was on our minds...I felt like i could trust him with anything. Good preparation for my future everlasting companionship right? haha Elder O. Moura was transfered to Mossorò hehe to another area there but i told him that of course it will be a unforgetable expeirence there ha.
Well Melissa especially grew quite fond of him as he was the elder who baptised her. For a little going away party we went to a pizzaria with her and her Family, Bruno her little 1 year old, Ruan who was baptized last sunday! Her Mother Dona Sonha who is the sweetest wrinkliest old blonde that i have ever met and her gay brother Renato who is a cool guy who we are trying to get to know better but he works a lot and another great friend who Elder O. Moura baptized, Socorro, who´s name truly suits her, and she is a WHOLE another story on her own which i will try to explain sometime, lets just say that she needs, she is in great need of someting that will truly bring her peace of mind and love in her heart and the Gospel is really helping her out but she is still in need of some more advice, help from the words of God. It was a fabulous night as we did a rodizio com pizza! I ate 15 slices of pizza!!! We had a compition on who could eat the most and Elder O. Moura won!
Well My New Companion is named Elder Iglesia or elder Church in english ou Elder Igreja haha. He is a really cool guy also from Sao Paulo, I already met him while i was in Mossoro, Well more on him next week. I hope you guys have a splendid week! Love Elder M. HOwell Love you guys!

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